Thursday, March 04, 2010

Dev Bytes for 3/4/2010

Sorry for the delay, things have been busy with the switch to the MVP Summit, the new job, and various other things.

10 Mistakes Adopting Agile
Why a Kanban Board is a Value Stream map but a Scrum board isn’t

Self Improvement
Distinguish yourself by increasing the granularity of your “Portable Skills”
Creating a personal Kanban board
The Brighter Side of Failure
Developers, know your audience!

How to Connect to a Restored Content Database in Sharepoint
Changing Page Layout With Sharepoint Designer 2010
How to mix WCF and Sharepoint 2010
Four things to do to prepare for Sharepoint 2010

Creating a Twitter client in Silverlight
Getting Silverlight to builds on Team Build in VS 2010 RC
Silverlight Lessons Learned Presentation/Documentation

TFS/Visual Studio
Free Ebook on Entity Framework
Next Gen testing with VS 2010
A different way of presenting the testing tools in VS 2010
Customizing Work Item Link Types in TFS 2010
VS2010 Protip – Scroll to Zoom

Azure – An Introduction
Getting Azure to work with VS2010 RC

Why you should check out MVC
How to sync a website between two IIS 6 servers 
What is Iron Ruby and how do I put it in Rails
Adding Location awareness to Windows 7
Some analysis of HTML 5
Staring with RIA Services
An introduction to jQuery
An Introduction to Mocking
Evolutionary Architecture
When to use what Microsoft Client Technology
Sketchflow Exploring Ideas
What do do with all these new mobile platforms

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