Monday, November 02, 2009

Dev Bytes for 11/2/2009

The Dev Bytes are a collection of links that I’ve been sending out internally at my current employer.  There have been a few requests to make these public so I’m going to be posting these on a weekly basis.

There are just links to topics that I find interesting and hope that others will gain some value out of.  I can’t say that I read everyone but it’s something that I’ve got saved to read later when I come across a problem or issue.


Project Managery stuff
Fixed bids – The bane of Agile -

Role of PM in Agile -

The 5 ways lean is the answer to the But of Scrum -

A developers guide to Lean (chapter 1) -

Personality of a Great Scrum Master -

Uncharted 2 review (project managery stuff at the top) -

Soft Skills/Non Technical
How to correctly use commas (more important than you think, grammar FTW) -

Advice for public speakers -

Re-visiting “The Fold” -

Technical Links
12 ASP.NET MVC Best Practices (Wingfield) -

Simplicity is complicated (Wingfield)-

Ruby Podcast (Wingfield) -

Rails is a ghetto (Dages) -

LINQ Overview -

Pattern development with Silverlight -

SOA is just outsourcing for apps (don’t shoot the messenger) -

Improvement to the add Reference Dialog in VS2010 -

Technical Debt Prevention -

Installing Team Build 2010 -

MVC Web testing strategies -

How to play with Sync services in VS 2010 -

Amazon’s answer to SQL Azure -

WPF 4 (VS 2010 and .NET 4.0) -

Alexei plugs his dog fooding event -

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