Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dev Bytes for 11/19/2009

I’m still playing with the format a bit but this looks much cleaner than the version I posted two weeks ago.  If you’ve got feedback let me know in the comments.

Project Managery/Soft Skill Stuff
26 Hints for Agile development  (Link)
The High Cost of Losing a Developer (Link)
Change your organization or change your organization (Link)
Fixed Price is a lie (Link)
Agile Software Qualities (Link)
When do you really need apostrophes (Link)
How do you recognize individuals in agile/scrum (Link)
Internet Explorer 9 preview (Link)

Technical stuff
What makes a good developer (Link)
Details of how sorting algorithms work (Bahrey) - (Link)
Software Engineering Myths explored (Good stuff - seriously) - (Link)
Writing Stories with True Value (Link)
Metrics in software and physics (Link)
Parsing HTML the Cthulu way (Link)
Learn how to use the Unity3D engine (Link)
Getting started with Entity framework - Simple Model first example (Link)
Getting started with Entity Framework -Templated Code Generation (Link)
Jumpstarting RIA development (Link)
There's Lazy loading, then there's lazy coding (Link)
Patterns: Factory (Link)
ASP.NET MVC a step in the right direction (Link)
Making your project pluggable with StructureMap (Link)
Saving time by using IIS instead of Cassini (Link)
Eclipse Shared Plugins directory (Link)

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