Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Years Resolutions

OK, so I haven't updated the blog in a bit and the plan to blog once a week fell into the crapper once the holiday game rush kicked in, I thought I would jot down a few resolutions so that I can feel bad later this year when I don't meet any of them.

1- Fitness and Finance - The girlfriend and I are working hard on what we call the F&F plan. F&F stands for Fitness and Finance and it's an area where both of us can improve. For me it means doing a better job of tracking where I spend my money and saving more. I've already maxed out the 401k for the year and I'm planning on saving money and paying off my car one year early.

The fitness part is me getting off my duff and using the YMCA membership that I never use. I'm still working out a program but between the Y and playing hockey twice a week I'm hoping to drop 50-60 lbs by the end of the year.

2- Career - The last year or so has been really focused on the night job at GamingNexus but this year I'm going to focus on the job that pays the bills. This means getting involved in the development community more and learning more new skills. My main focus is getting a better understanding of cloud computing and how to actually build services that leverage this new area.

3- Read More - I read maybe 10 books last year and that's being generous. One of the things that's very important to being a good writer is reading more so my goal is to start and finish at least 15 books this year. That's a bit more than a book a year but I got a few short books for Christmas which should help out with that number.

4- Realize that there are only 24 hours in a day - I'm constantly adding more stuff to my schedule and one of my goals this year is to dial things back at least a little bit and try to enjoy my life a bit more. I need to get outside more and get the hell out of Ohio more (and not for gaming/work events). My plans for a full on vacation this year were crushed but I'm hoping to take a few shorter vacations here and there.

5- Doing instead of stewing - At any one time I have at least two mini-projects and a handful of ideas of things that I should do or act on but end up setting on the back burner. I later regret not doing these things and I'm sick of that feeling. This also means that I need to finally write down the books and script ideas that have been running around in my head for the last six years or so.

6- Blog/write more - I'm thinking this blog is going to be more of a general writing space than a work blog so expect some random stuff here from time to time. It will probably be stupid but it is what it is. This ties into #5 a bit but I picked up one of those semi-pretentious moleskinne notebooks today that will serve as a destination for some of it as well.

I'm sure there are others but these are the big six for the year. I was going to focus on being less of an aloof asshole this year but I think I'll save that for 2010

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