Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Job Hunting Tips and Tricks

Since I'm just out of the job hunting I figured I'd post a few tips that I've learned from my recent search.

- I didn't use it this time around but has reached a point where's it's not that useful. I did have a recruiter tell me that if I did put a resume up there that I should keep it private to better manage where the resume ends up.
- Tried, found a few jobs and submitted the resume but never heard anything back. Not overly impressed with the service
- As always the best jobs are the ones you hear about through your personal network.
- If you're going through multiple recruiters be sure to manage which companies they are submitting your resume to. It looks bad for you and the recruiter if the same company sees your resume from multiple vendors and it usually guarantees that you won't get the job from either of them.
- Figure out what you want ahead of time, it's always a bit tempting to flood the market with your resume but figure out what you want ahead of time so the recruiter knows what to look for.
- Know what companies you do and don't want to work for and communicate that to your recruiter.
- Manage your public profiles, in the age of Google people will find your Facebook, LinkedIn,MySpace,and Twitter profiles and in some cases will subscribe to them. It's a bit of an odd situation to know that one of the recruiters you're following is reading your tweets.
- Sometimes and offer letter is not a guarantee, you don't have a job until you have a start date. This one potentially cost me a few good opportunities.

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