Friday, June 13, 2008

Is this thing still on?

OK, so it's been over a year since I've posted anything on this blog, and longer since that any thing of value has been posted (take your shots now). That's all going to change starting this week.

I recently transitioned jobs and one of the things that I realized is that while I do a ton of writing for my "night" job, I don't really do much writing about the job that pays for the car, house, and provides me the ability to do all the fun stuff with the night job. It's time for that to change and my goal is to do at least one good post a week on stuff of a non-gaming nature. I'll probably cross post some of my stuff from GN but the goal of this is going to be work related.

I'm in no way qualified to do anything overly technical, I'll leave that to the folks who can code their way out of a paper bag. Instead I'll focus at the stuff I'm good at which is a little fuzzy at this point as I tend to be one of those Jack of all Trades/master of none kind of things. Expect passionate writing coupled with incredibly poor punctuation and spotty grammar and spelling.

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Tim said...

Holy crap, this thing activated in Google Reader all at once! Like somebody entered something. (Yeah, this is the pot calling you black... :) )

Good luck with the new career move, anxious to see how that turns out for you. A post a week is a solid goal, one I need to set for myself, too.