Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Getting involved

I was recently the victim of budget cuts at my current client and while unexpected (it's not the first time) I did have to scramble a bit to find a new job. I was lucky enough to get a job back with a former employer but there was a bit more drama involved that I would have liked.

One of the comments I received during my search was that I wouldn't have had nearly this much trouble if I was more involved in the local tech community. This is fairly sage advice as the best jobs I've ever had have been the friend of a friend kind of thing.

To counteract that I've decided that I'm going to be a regular at the Central Ohio Dot Net Developers Group and start going to the Central Ohio ALM Group meetings. Given the rise in ALM technology and my passion for SDLC's I think it's a good fit(no I'm not going to suck up to my new boss either). I'm not sure how much I'll be able to contribute to either group but I'm hoping I'll be able to learn a few new tricks

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