Sunday, May 13, 2007

Twittering the night away

As you've probably noticed I really haven't been blogging that much here recently. That's mostly due to the increased amount of writing I'm doing for GamingNexus and AT&T as well as the fact that the day job has picked up recently (one project just starting and another going into design). I've also gotten hooked on Twitter and I'm finding it's a lot easier to bang out a bunch of quick posts there than a few of the more detailed ones on this blog.

Twitter is still buggy as hell and it goes down more than Paris Hilton at a night club but it's very easy to use and get into. It's essentially a public IM with a lot of people (you can limit who sees your posts if you're so inclined). It's also a great networking tool as I've already made a bunch of new connections with people in the gaming industry.

I'm not giving up on this blog but posting will be pretty sparse for a while. I'm not sure that anybody really gives a shit but I figured I'd post this in case anybody did.


Tim said...

I give a shit, but not a real big one...

James Bender said...

+ 5 points for the "topical" Paris Hilton joke.

- 5 for missing the obvious follow-up:

"... it's very easy to use and get into[, again much like Paris Hilton].

Yeah... Twitter is something... Hope your trips to the post offioe and gas station went well... :-/