Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Meetings and getting their early

Brian has a nice post up about why you should always get to meetings 10 minutes early. It's a good read and you should go check it out.

I agree completely with Brian to a point. If you are selling them something, or meeting with them about something important you should be there at least 10 minutes early, preferrably 30 minutes early.

Where I'm going to disagree with Brian is on the day to day meetings you have at a client (assuming you are currently working at a client full time). These are the usual standing meetings such as weekly status meetings. For those meetings it needs to be client arrival time (CAT)- 5 minutes. I've found that each client culture has their own time when they show up to meetings.

Some clients show up a little bit early, some show up on time, and some clients show up at least 10 minutes late. Of course you should be at least 10 minutes early until you determine what their CAT is but once you do, you're just wasting your valuable time sitting in a conference room by yourself. I've found that CAT - 5 works out well as it gives me time to get the optimal spot in the room as well as giving me enough time to get ready for the meeting. If I'm running the meeting I might add a few minutes to that to prep hand outs and review the agenda so the meeting runs a little smoother.

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Brian H. Prince said...

That is a very good point Chuck. I guess I meant our normal mode of not being on site fulltime.