Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fun with Amazon Web Services

I'm going to be giving an internal presentation on Amazon Web Services to my company in May. Rather than doing this last minute I'm starting now with the hope of delivering something interesting and semi-refined.

Rather than doing the standard API in a web-page or smart client I'm going to use this presentation to build something that I've been wanting to do for months. My girlfriend and I spend a lot of quality time in Barnes and Noble and I would hazard to guess we are in there every other week if not every week. This isn't a bad thing but the one thing that drives me nuts about shopping at a bricks and mortar store is that I know that I can get a better deal buying it online and I don't know how good a book is (I'm willing to pay a little extra for a good book to get it right now rather than waiting for Amazon to ship it to me).

Since I have a Sprint PPC 6700 smartphone I'm going to write a small Windows Mobile 5 application that will allow me to query the AWS service to see what their price is as well as gathering review data for a book. I think I can also order the book through the service but that could get expensive in a hurry. I'm trying to figure out if there's any additional functionality I want to add to the application and what data is good to search for (right now I'm thinking about searching on Title, author, and ISBN #).

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