Monday, January 08, 2007

A different form of SOA

What company had hardware in all three next generation consoles? If you answered IBM them pat yourself on the back and give yourself a cookie.

We started off today talking to IBM about their involvement in the next gen console wars and it was a fairly interesting talk as this isn't your father's IBM. Head over to GN for a full report on the meeting. There was one interesting segment of the meeting that I wanted to talk about though.

The CELL processor (the 9 cores in one processor that powers the PS3) is an exceedingly hard piece of software to code for so I talked with the IBM guy about how hardware was finally way ahead of software. It turns out that IBM has realized this and is working on middleware components to help people manage it and one of the ways they are doing it is through SOA applications. So instead of using SOA to do build your typical business apps like accounting and what not you use it to build multimedia editing tools, compress video, and do other rich media tasks. I didn't get a lot of the details of how it works exactly (we were running out of time) but I thought it was pretty cool that there were some non-business implementations of SOA.

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