Friday, January 05, 2007

Codemash sessions

Finally had a chance to sit down last night and look through the Code Mash sessions and right now this is a tentative list of the sessions I'm going to hit

Day 1
Building and Deploying Smart Clients with Visual Studio 2005
SOA as a Conversation
Building Enterprise Smart Clients using a Services Oriented Architecture
Networking for Nerds

Day 2
Lean Software Development
Intro to AJAX
Building Gadgets for Windows Vista
Developing Data-Driven Web Applications with LINQ

As you can see my main focus is going to be on Smart Client development with a dash of SOA and a garnish of web development. The reason behind this is my current client is developing a Smart Client app and I'd love to get some more information on the topic and well as validation on existing techniques that I learned on my last Windows project. The project also has some networking components which is why I'm going to the networking session (I also know the speaker which helps...I'm guessing I will be picked on at some point in the session so come watch Brian make fun of me).

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