Thursday, January 18, 2007

CodeMash - Day 1 - Opening Keynote

CodeMash kicked off with an excellent keynote speech from Neal Ford this morning. The topic was Domain Specific Languages (DSL)'s and their importance. Excellent speech that will hopefully be posted online somewhere that will help ease a commute or make a few miles on the treadmill a little easier.

He had a good point that we are using a lot of languages that have built in limitations that come from their roots in C (notably C# and Java) things like 0 based arrays and object syntax trees are artificial constructs that we can live without. I think it's a lot like how there are still pieces of DOS and other backwards compatibility constructs built into Windows XP.

There's really too much to summarize in one post (and I'm tired and not nearly smart enough to really do a good job of compressing his information) is that we may be looking at a lot of specialized languages like Ruby that are doing one particular thing (for Ruby, it's web applications) rather than general languages.

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