Thursday, January 18, 2007

CodeMash - Day 1 - Networking for Nerds

It was much better than cats, I want to keep going again and again and again....

OK, serious posting time

I have to admit that I knew most of the stuff that Brian covered in his presentation today (Senior year in college I took graduate level course in networking in college) but I always like Brian's presentations as he usually incorporates a lot of humor into them plus the opportunity to heckle was too much to pass up.

After 8 ego slides (I can't believe his gamerscore is over 100 points higher than mine, time to bear down on Lost Planet this weekend) we got down to business. Brian gave a fairly solid overview of the networking basics most developers need to know including fun things like how to use ping and tracert, different networking schemas, the joy of Firewalls, and what DMZ's are. It's a lot of good stuff to know, especially for people who are working on web applications. If you're working on a public website and don't know what a DMZ is or how to do a traceroute to the server then you're doing your client something of a disservice

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