Thursday, January 18, 2007

CodeMash - Day 1 - General thoughts

It's almost midnight and I need to grab some sleep so that I can continue to soak in the programming goodness tomorrow. I don't have a lot to compare it to as the last non-MSDN event I went to was the fourth W3C conference in Boston in 1995 but I really haven't found anything to complain about. The speakers have been excellent, the conference center is good place to have it (although that may change if we get a lot of snow tomorrow), and the topics have been varied.

General notes:
  • Presentations in conference room 5 are at a bit of a disadvantage as they don't have a big screen to project on. This seems to be the only room with that problem though (I haven't been in 4 or 3 yet though)
  • Impressed with the sponsor turn out, that hallway could be even fuller next year
  • I know it's early but a good way to go out tomorrow would be some announcement of CodeMash 2.0 or at least a vauge statement on the future of the conference. People start planning out their vacation time early so always good to have a rough date to keep in mind for next year
  • Juggling bartenders make a hockey game more entertaining, even when they are getting killed
  • A master schedule of events at the main desk would be a great addition even if it is just on big paper (this isn't my idea, Mr. Holmes from Microsoft brought it up, I'm just putting it here in case I forget it).
  • I'd post about the food (which is good) but posting about the food in software development conference is like talking about the plot of an adult movie.
  • Over 2000 items in the news reader...mark all as read is starting to look like a good idea
  • I should do a full post on Bruce Eckel's Lunch keynote but I'm knackered. It was really good though, a nice challenge for people as well as a good advertisement for Burning Man

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