Friday, January 19, 2007

Code Mash - Day 2 - Introduction to Ajax

Greg Huber gave a pretty solid overview of Ajax and how to quickly get up and run a few applications. I knew some of the concepts and how it worked but it was nice to see things in action. Greg also showed off some alternatives like InstantRails which I'm going to have to check out after the show.

Greg pointed out something that's fairly salient to the entire Web 2.0 thing in that Ajax totally dorks up the back button function in browsers and you can't bookmark Ajax applications. These are two things people forget when building these apps and represent ways that Ajax breaks some of the fundamental concepts of web applications.


Tim said...

Web 2.0? You're on "need punched" list that Kramer and I are keeping...

Brian H. Prince said...

1- SMACK! across the head for using the term 'web 2.0'

2- ASP.NET AJAX has support for the back button. The developer can inject states into the stack for the back button.