Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Classing up the joint

When I first started out in the consulting business 11 years ago my first mentor used to reject any documentation that didn't have any identifying details on it (page number, time & date, and document description in the footer). It's something that I did for a while and then promptly stopped doing about a year or so after I left the company as I was using templates after that which contained most the same information.

On my current project I don't have the luxury of those template so I've started creating my own (meeting minutes, agendas and various visio docs). To make life easier on myself (and the client) I found it good to add those little details in as it helps keep track of what you were thinking at any one point in time which is helpful after a long holiday break.

Here is the basic info each document should have
- Page number/# of pages - I like this in the bottom right corner of every document
- Short Description of the document (Meeting Minutes etC). If it's not at the top of the document I usually like to put it at the middle of the bottom of each document
- Current Date - This is important as this shows when the document was printed out. this is critical for me as we will often revise meeting minutes more than once and it make it easier to track multiple versions

If you've got any other tips feel free to drop them in the comments

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