Monday, April 12, 2010

Miami MIS Presentation

This week I had the chance to talk to three classes of students at Miami about the software development life cycle.  Here’s the slide deck from the presentation

As part of the exercise I had the class design a basic site.  I don’t have the screen from the first class but the second two sections decided to create social network sites that are just a bit on the creepy side of the equation.  Here are the screen designs we came up with:



There’s some commentary on the mindset of the next generation of users to be had here but I’m not going to make it. 

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Dev Bytes for 3/4/2010

Sorry for the delay, things have been busy with the switch to the MVP Summit, the new job, and various other things.

10 Mistakes Adopting Agile
Why a Kanban Board is a Value Stream map but a Scrum board isn’t

Self Improvement
Distinguish yourself by increasing the granularity of your “Portable Skills”
Creating a personal Kanban board
The Brighter Side of Failure
Developers, know your audience!

How to Connect to a Restored Content Database in Sharepoint
Changing Page Layout With Sharepoint Designer 2010
How to mix WCF and Sharepoint 2010
Four things to do to prepare for Sharepoint 2010

Creating a Twitter client in Silverlight
Getting Silverlight to builds on Team Build in VS 2010 RC
Silverlight Lessons Learned Presentation/Documentation

TFS/Visual Studio
Free Ebook on Entity Framework
Next Gen testing with VS 2010
A different way of presenting the testing tools in VS 2010
Customizing Work Item Link Types in TFS 2010
VS2010 Protip – Scroll to Zoom

Azure – An Introduction
Getting Azure to work with VS2010 RC

Why you should check out MVC
How to sync a website between two IIS 6 servers 
What is Iron Ruby and how do I put it in Rails
Adding Location awareness to Windows 7
Some analysis of HTML 5
Staring with RIA Services
An introduction to jQuery
An Introduction to Mocking
Evolutionary Architecture
When to use what Microsoft Client Technology
Sketchflow Exploring Ideas
What do do with all these new mobile platforms

Monday, March 01, 2010

TFS/Kanban Presentation Submitted to Codestock

I submitted the my Kanban and TFS presentation to Codestock yesterday.  The presentation could use some more work as the WIT editing stuff on the back side is a bit weak side. 

It’s also probably time to migrate the WIT’s to VS 2010.  Instead of re-using the files I’m just going to start from scratch so that I can remove some of the left over crap that accumulated during the development of the WIT’s (the “It seemed like a good idea at the time” kind of things). 

This will also be a good opportunity to re-tune the presentation and beef up some of the slides a bit. 

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

TFS and Kanban Presentation slides

Here are the slides for the presentation, had a bit of a fight with Slideshare so apologies for the delay.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Speaking at agileLUNCHBOX on 1/27

I’ll be speaking at the agileLUNCHBOX (formerly the XP/Agile User group) on January 27th.  The meeting will start at 11:45 and will be held the OCLC facility in Dublin.

The topic will be TFS and Kanban: A Marriage of Convenience and will cover how we created a virtual Kanban board in TFS for my current project.  We’ll cover the how’s and the why’s as well as a few things we didn’t do but should have. 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Share My Password - The Worst Application Ever?

One of my professional goals for the next six months is to create a Windows Mobile application that talks to Azure.  These are are two technologies that I want to learn and the best way I learn things is to actually use them.

The first challenge is to come up with the application to develop.  If it’s too complex I’ll never finish it and if it’s too simple then I won’t learn anything.  I also don’t want to build something that I’ll have to support so the appeal should be fairly limited.

Originally I was thinking about doing something game related but instead I came up with what has to be the worst application ever.  Something so dumb and irresponsible that no one would ever use. 

The application?  It’s going to be called “Share My Password” and the basic storypoint is:

“A user will be able to log onto the system and enter a site name, username, and password to share with the world”.

That’s right, it’s an application for people to share their private passwords with the rest of the world.  I’m going to put more than enough warnings in the application to let people know it’s a joke.  I was partially inspired by Lose/Lose but without the “artistic” edge.  It’s not intended to be another version of BugMeNot but it could be used that way.

Eventually I’ll add a website that posts all of the stored passwords by user and maybe even an extension to Twitter/Facebook so that people can alert their friends when they’ve compromised their own security. 

I have a mental picture of the design in my head but I still need to ramp up on Azure development so it’s going to be a while before I have it up and running.  I’m hoping to spend some of the Thanksgiving holiday working on Wireframes and will hopefully have a clearer idea of what it will look like by the end of the year.

Dev Bytes for 11/19/2009

I’m still playing with the format a bit but this looks much cleaner than the version I posted two weeks ago.  If you’ve got feedback let me know in the comments.

Project Managery/Soft Skill Stuff
26 Hints for Agile development  (Link)
The High Cost of Losing a Developer (Link)
Change your organization or change your organization (Link)
Fixed Price is a lie (Link)
Agile Software Qualities (Link)
When do you really need apostrophes (Link)
How do you recognize individuals in agile/scrum (Link)
Internet Explorer 9 preview (Link)

Technical stuff
What makes a good developer (Link)
Details of how sorting algorithms work (Bahrey) - (Link)
Software Engineering Myths explored (Good stuff - seriously) - (Link)
Writing Stories with True Value (Link)
Metrics in software and physics (Link)
Parsing HTML the Cthulu way (Link)
Learn how to use the Unity3D engine (Link)
Getting started with Entity framework - Simple Model first example (Link)
Getting started with Entity Framework -Templated Code Generation (Link)
Jumpstarting RIA development (Link)
There's Lazy loading, then there's lazy coding (Link)
Patterns: Factory (Link)
ASP.NET MVC a step in the right direction (Link)
Making your project pluggable with StructureMap (Link)
Saving time by using IIS instead of Cassini (Link)
Eclipse Shared Plugins directory (Link)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Twitter – Enabling Internet Drama Since 2006

Twitter is an amazingly effective communication mechanism as it enables one to many communication in nearly real time.  Like a lot of technology it’s fluid and can be used in many different ways so there’s really no right way to use it.  There are more than a few ways to abuse it which is why I’d recommend this article as it provides more than a few ways to avoid looking like a complete jackass on Twitter.

Personally I use twitter for a number of different reasons.  It’s a great way to find new content, keep tabs on the people you know/vaguely know, meet new and interesting people, and find answers to questions both technical and non-technical.  I’ve met a lot of cool people on Twitter and then converted those online relationships into real world conversations. 

Twitter is great resource but you really need a third party tool like Tweetdeck to get everything out of it.  Sure Twitter now has lists to categorize people but Tweetdeck has a lot of other solid features that more than compensate for the programs hefty memory footprint.

My main issue with Twitter is that it is a bit like drinking from a fire hose at times.  At one point I was following well over 850 people and that’s just too much to be useful. While most of those people aren’t active the rest still generated way to much information to be of use.  Since then I’ve started actively grooming my list of followers to make it a little more valuable.  Here’s some of the criteria I used to weed out people I follow:

- Interesting content – is there more than just what they are eating/reading/pooping? 
- Do I actually know then?  If I haven’t met or exchanged messages of some sort with a person then I stopped following them unless they were posting interesting links.
- Celebrities – This dove tails into the first one a bit but there’s really no reason for me to track what Neil Gaimen is up to on a daily basis.  The only big name I follow is Kevin Smith and that’s just for the yucks.
- Signal to Noise – I made the mistake early on of following everyone who followed me.  I know it’s a bit of an asshole move but I unfollowed a lot of people just because I didn’t find them interesting or relative to my interests. 
- Website – If the feed was just links from their website I stopped following them and added them to my feed reader.  I prefer to manage an RSS feed than a twitter feed.
- Dead Accounts – If someone hadn’t twittered in more than a month I unfollowed them as that’s just clutter in my account. 
- Unnecessary drama – Twitter seems to feed all kinds of stupid 140 character arguments and I’ve made a point of ignoring/unfollowing the people who start and or propagate these discussions. 

I’m sure this will come off as another self-absorbed blog post about twitter but like I said at the top, Twitter is what you make it and this is the road I’ve chosen right now.